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Protection in every step of life’s journey

Why should you get this plan?

Insurance Charge Discount

For Face Amount of RM150,000 and above.


Unlimited fund switching to respond to market trends without any charges.

Wellness Reward

Up to 30% of the total Insurance Charges on basic plan.

Coverage for Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

In event of a claim, the Face Amount or Account Value, whichever is higher*; will be payable.

*ManuLink Essential Plus, a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that pays the Face Amount + Account Value upon Death or TPD

Additional Protection

Enhance life protection with additional riders that cater to different needs.

No Lapse Guarantee 

Continue to enjoy coverage even if your Account Value is insufficient to pay for policy charges in the first 5 policy years.

  1. Choice of insurance coverage terms of 20 years; or up to age 70, 80, or 99 (next birthday). For coverage terms of 20 years; or up to age 70 or 80, the policy owner is given an option to renew the policy up to age 99 (next birthday), without evidence of insurability. A notice will be sent to the policy owner 90 days before the expiry date of the policy.
  2. TPD and accidental death coverage is up to age 70 (next birthday).
  3. Returns are not guaranteed and are subject to the performance of the funds. Past performance of the funds is not an indication of future performances.
  4. Subject to applicable fees and charges.
  5. Terms and conditions apply. For more details, kindly refer to the product brochure.

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