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A medical plan that provides you with enhanced coverage on top of 30% discount from the very start


Manulife Health Saver Benefit

Why do you need a Medical Card?

Enjoy 30% upfront discount on insurance charges when you sign up for this plan. Enjoy up to 40% no claim discount every year thereafter, if you do not make any claims!

Stay protected up to age 99 next birthday with our wide range of medical coverage including Traditional Chinese Medicine and chiropractic treatments.

Medical Coverage for Covid-19 and future pandemics

Get the treatment you need with our high annual limits of up to RM2.2 million and no lifetime limit!

There is no need to worry about overstaying as this plan covers you until recovery. 

Cover your spouse and up to 5 children, all in one policy! 

Our Pre-Certification Hospitalisation Programme provides hassle-free hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation benefit to an extensive panel of hospitals.


Enjoy more benefits and special privileges with our network of Preferred Hospitals.

Secure early protection for your preborn baby from 13 to 35 weeks into pregnancy.

Get  higher coverage with additional RM2,000,000 annual limit with MHSB Booster and more.

A comprehensive medical coverage
and savings on insurance charges
Enjoy the No Claim Discount (NCD) on your
insurance charges when no claim is made.

Manulife Health Saver Benefit is a unit-deducting medical rider attachable to selected regular premium investment-linked insurance plans and MHSB Booster is a unit-deducting medical rider attachable to Manulife Health Saver Benefit. The regular premium investment-linked insurance plans attachable are subject to the Company's approval. These plans are insurance products that are tied to the performance of the underlying assets and are not pure investment products such as unit trusts.

Terms and conditions apply. For more details, kindly refer to the product brochure, product disclosure sheet and policy contract.

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