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List of Payment Methods

Enjoy fuss-free premium payment with multiple payment methods.

Auto Billing

Save time and ensure continued coverage!

Want greater convenience to pay your premiums on time? Sign up for Auto-billing via Credit/Debit Card or FPX!

Why Auto-bill?
  1. You don’t need to worry about paying your premiums on time. We will do it all for you!
  2. Each transaction can be monitored via your Credit Card statement (for Credit Card auto-billing) or Bank Account (for FPX or Debit Card).
  3. You can avoid traffic jams, last minute payments and save the hassle of lapsed policy coverage!
What you need to do:
  1. Click here  & complete the Credit Card enrolment form or visit our Branch for the FPX Form.
  2. Send it back to us at:

Customer Service Centre
Manulife Insurance Berhad
12th Floor, Menara Manulife
6, Jalan Gelenggang, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur


  1. For Credit Card, please allow 14 days for the registration to be completed.
  2. For FPX, please note that the bank's approval of the facility will take time. Therefore, please continue your premium payments until confirmation of the approval has been sent to you.

Good news! You can pay your insurance premium now with JomPAY!

Pay using JomPAY via your Current, Savings or Credit Card account at anytime and anywhere through your internet banking or mobile banking. It is convenient and you could even set up automatic recurring payments at the same time every month! Besides, it is free of charge and all major Malaysian banks are participating in this!

How to make a premium payment via JomPAY?

Step 1 : Login to your preferred bank Internet or Mobile Banking website.

Step 2 : Look for “JomPAY” Logo at BillPay menu.

Step 3 : Enter “81000” at Biller Code field.

Step 4 : Enter the details as printed on “Ref- 1” which can be found on your Manulife Notification Letter or Premium Notice.

              Note: Please fill up the details accurately as they serve as the initial validation for payment purposes.

Step 5 : Enter “Insured’s IC Number” at Ref-2

Step 6 : Enter the payment amount

Step 7 : Click “Submit” to complete the payment process

Note :

  1. For the list of participating banks, please visit:
  2. To find out more about JomPAY, please visit:

Internet Banking!

Don't have time to pay for your premium? Do it at the comfort of you own home! Pay your premium via internet banking for a hassle free experience!

Here are the list of participating banks.



Malayan Banking Berhad

Public Bank

Standard Chartered Bank


Payment over-the-counter at following banks (during banking hours)



Malayan Banking Berhad

  • Manulife bank account number : 514329214734; and
  • Insured's IC/BC Number at "Transaction Description"; and
  • Policy Number at "Ref No"

Public Bank Berhad

  • Manulife bank account number : 3999206224; and
  • Policy Number at "Ref 1"; and
  • Insured's IC/BC Number at "Ref 2"


  • Manulife bank account number : 701-128031-7; and
  • Policy Number at "Ref 1"; and
  • Insured's IC/BC Number at "Ref 2 and 4"

Bank Simpanan National

  • Manulife Insurance Berhad at "Name Penerima"; and
  • Policy Number at "Rujukan 1"; and
  • Insured's IC/BC Number at "Rujukan 2"

Mondays - Fridays, 9:00am - 5.30pm (except Public Holidays)

Hotline: 1-300-13-2323 

Mondays - Fridays, 9:00am - 5.30pm (except Public Holidays)