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Comprehensive critical illness plan that provides H.O.P.E. and financial confidence




What is Advance Beyond Critical Cover?

Advance Beyond Critical Cover is a comprehensive critical illness plan that provides H.O.P.E. and financial confidence.

Holistic critical illness coverage from early stage of diagnosis to post treatment events.

Overall critical events coverage.

Post critical illness coverage on disability arising from the major critical illnesses.

Extended cancer coverage to support prolonged treatment. 

Why you should get it?

Get covered with comprehensive coverage against 142 critical illness conditions from Early Stage to Advanced Stage with benefit payout up to 125% of the Rider’s Face Amount.

Get additional coverage up to 40% of the Rider’s Face Amount for Diabetic and Joint Related Conditions. 

For critical events that require hospitalisation due to illnesses or accidental causes, get up to 100% of the Rider’s Face Amount as a financial support so you can focus on your recovery. 

A disability care benefit will be given if disability occurs due to a Major Critical Illness (Advanced Stage Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke) where 50% of the Rider’s Face Amount will be payable to help ease the financial burdens. 

If a prolonged treatment for cancer is more than 2 years, an additional 50% of the Rider’s Face Amount will be payable as a financial aid to help with the recovery. 


  1. Advance Beyond Critical Cover is a unit-deducting rider attachable to selected Manulife’s basic investment-linked Insurance plans. 
  2. The total benefit payout for Multi-stage Critical Illness Benefit and Admission Events is subject to 125% Rider’s Face Amount and limited to the maximum amount payable for each stage of Critical Illness/Admission Events. 
  3. The Face Amount of the basic plan and ABCC will not be reduced by the amount claimed under ABCC.   
  4. Terms and conditions apply. For more details, kindly refer to the product brochure, product disclosure sheet and policy contract.

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