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Staying Healthy is Rewarding

Created: 22 April 2021

Comprehensive health plans should go in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices. These days, you’d find health insurers encouraging you to get active and rewarding you for doing so.


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While the matter of adopting a healthy lifestyle can get the adrenaline pumping, there are those who see it as tedious and boring. Unanimously though, we all know it’s imperative that we do it for our own good. 

So, wouldn’t it be simply fantastic to be rewarded for staying healthy? Wouldn’t exercise be much more appealing if there were benefits awaiting us post a good workout? What if you were told that you’d be reaping so much more than just good health for every healthy choice you make?

Well, you’d certainly be happy to note that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you could be rewarded handsomely by your medical insurance! Sounds too good to be true? 

Welcome to the new age insurance! In the name of innovation, there are health plans that encourage policyholders to take charge of their health. This includes eating healthily and exercising regularly to maintain good physical health. 

Why staying healthy is important?

According to World Health Organization’s Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) Progress Monitor 2020 report, NCDs are the leading cause of premature deaths globally. Every year, 41 million people die from heart attacks, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes or mental disorder. In other words, NCDs – also commonly referred to as lifestyle diseases – contribute to more than 70% of all deaths worldwide. This translates to a crippling economic impact.   Not only are families affected with the loss of an economically-able person, the effect is also evident at both organisational and national levels.

With higher stress levels at the workplace and rising demand on productivity, employees of today are at a greater risk of suffering from NCDs. Physical inactivity, poor diet, poor stress management, insufficient sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking can lead to a host of health issues. That is why making healthier lifestyle decisions is the way to go.

Medical coverage is vital

While we always strive to lead a healthy life, we never know when our health can take a turn for the worse. Your personal savings may be sufficient to get the initial medical attention but having a health insurance plan can actually be a life saver. Unpredictable medical exigencies such as an accident can catch you off guard on how to pay for your hospitalisation and treatment. With a medical card, you would get greater peace of mind when in such a situation. 

Some may think that a medical coverage offered at the workplace is adequate. However, many fail to realise that at times, that coverage may not be comprehensive enough to cover all medical costs.  Do check on the plan offered by your employer and compare it to what a good coverage entails. 


Rising healthcare costs

With rising costs in healthcare today, getting admitted into a hospital and paying for treatment can be an expensive affair. This is where health insurance comes in very handy. Instead of worrying about the medical bills to pay, you can focus on your recovery.

A comprehensive plan can also cover your medical needs into your golden years. Some insurers offer medical coverage up to 99 years of age. If you enjoy a long life, your health policy will keep you protected. The plan can reimburse your medical expenses such as pre- and post-hospitalisation charges, intensive care services, surgical expenses as well as outpatient benefits charges. The coverage can include treatment for stroke, kidney dialysis, cancer and even dengue fever, for example. The long-term coverage gives you the assurance that your health insurance will cover you when you need it most.

Keep in mind that your family members need safeguarding too, as having a loved one suffer from ill health can be taxing on you. Opt for a healthcare plan that also protects them − you may want to consider a single policy that covers your spouse and children. Protect your family with one plan for all. Insurers can also extend coverage to your children born after the purchase of the policy. 

Health insurance with benefits

There are health insurance plans that come with good benefits such as rewarding policyholders for keeping fit and healthy. One such benefit is a No Claim Discount, where you can enjoy discounts off your insurance charges if you don’t make any claims for the year. This helps keep your premium low while you stay covered for the same plan that you signed up for.

Some insurers also offer the second medical opinion benefit. Under this coverage, you can seek a second opinion on your medical diagnosis or procedure to help you evaluate your options. This benefit helps you make an informed decision for your critical health issue. 

Another benefit that policyholders would appreciate is the hassle-free admission into panel hospitals. In a medical emergency, the last thing you need is a complicated hospital admission process. A good insurance company would offer this hassle-free admission benefit to its policy holders.  

So make the right move now; sign up for a health insurance plan to stay protected. Get the best medical card in Malaysia and reap the benefits of the plan. Remember, health insurance is not a luxury, it is a necessity.



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