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5 Tips to have a Healthy and Happy Family

Healthy and Happy Family
The fast-paced city life, your 9 to 5 job, last-minute meetings and long business trips are challenges you may face that hinders you from providing your family with the attention and affection that they need. Keeping your family healthy and happy is a life-long marathon, so here are 5 tips for you to ensure that your family is always a solid unit!
1. Trips and Vacations

It’s a given that most young couples would still be struggling to make it in the working world, thus taking away valuable time for the whole family to spend on trips and vacations. However, there are many places near KL that can be visited and fully experienced in the span of a weekend, so you don’t have to travel too far or spend that much on a short getaway.

The journey itself can be a great bonding experience for everyone. Plus, getting some fresh air away from the busy city can be incredibly therapeutic for the whole family.


2. Family Activities Outdoors

Speaking of family outings and fresh air, doing something outdoors with the whole family is always a great opportunity to keep health and happiness levels up.

Whether it’s a simple picnic at the park, a trek to a waterfall, or a hiking trip through the jungle, going outside will break the mundane cycle of school, work, and traffic jams. With hiking, trekking or jogging, the family does stuff together, and collectively burn quite a few calories!

3. Family Hobbies

If you really can’t make it outdoors that often, it might be a good idea to invest in a hobby that the whole family can partake in regardless of fitness levels. It can be gaming consoles, board games, movies, or TV shows.

We have seen in countless ads how the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect can cater to the whole family. If you are more of a traditional gamer, you can play the many versions of Monopoly or Twister instead. Nowadays with streaming services like Netflix and Iflix available, the whole family can binge watch shows together. Just no spoilers, please!

4. Invest in your Children’s Education

Investing in a quality education for your children is paving the way for them to lead quality lives themselves. From primary school, kids need to be constantly reminded what lies in store for them if they excel in their studies. At the same time, parents should invest in educational supplements for their children whether it is in the form of extra tuition classes or reference books.

The goal here is to give the kids a variety of avenues to obtain quality education. High-performing students have higher chances of being offered scholarships to study at higher learning institutions, and this would alleviate some of the parents’ financial burden. But that doesn’t mean parents should not put aside finances to pay for college or university, as the awarding of these scholarships is never certain.

5. Get Health Insurance Coverage for the Entire Family

This is a no-brainer, health coverage for the entire family should be one of the very first things discussed by couples once they start to discuss having a family. It only takes one tragic moment, accident, or diagnosis to throw your family into financial ruin.

Why take the risk? With your family insured, you can enjoy family life with peace of mind.

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