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Temporary Closure of Manulife Insurance Berhad (MIB) Branches due to state holidays.
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5 Health Tips for Women Over 50

Even as you hit the big Five-O, keep in mind that physical and mental stress will still be present in your life. Retirement brings with it its own range of issues; being idle at home can bring about the stress of doing nothing. It may even lead to health problems. So if you’re one of the ladies over 50, here are some health tips for you to keep yourself going for many more years to come.
Outdoor Yoga
1. Keep Yourself Busy at Home

The first few months of retirement can be strange for everyone. You no longer have to wake up in the morning, but your body does anyway because it’s so used to it. Then you realize that you have nothing to do from morning until evening.

Don’t end up like this! There’s plenty to do around the house that can take up your time in a productive way. This can be the time for you to do what you’ve always wanted to. You can beautify your home - change the curtains, layout of the furniture, the wallpaper or anything else that you had to put off because you were so busy working.

2. Gardening

Of course, there’s only so much you can do around the house before you get bored again; there will come a point in which your house can’t get any prettier or cleaner. So, why not work on the garden? It’s a great way to sweat, and being around flowers and nature has been proven to lower stress levels in people. If you’re able to plant your own fruits and vegetables, it can save a lot of money too!

3. Cut Back on Sugar, Really Cut Back on Salt

Everyone agrees that the food in Malaysia is the best. Almost everyone also agrees that the food in Malaysia isn’t the healthiest. If you have a personal or family history of diabetes, now is the perfect time to reduce your daily sugar intake.

The older we are, the more likely we are to develop hypertension, or high blood pressure. You should ideally stop taking all sorts of processed foods (chips and canned food) as these contain large amounts of salt, which contributes to hypertension.

4. Annual Health Check-ups

Knowing your own health status gets more and more important as you age. While you may have knowledge on health problems, self-medication can be harmful and create new problems while failing to solve existing ones. The best person to diagnose any condition is your doctor. He or she would know exactly what health problems you have and the solutions to alleviate them.

5. Cancer Screenings

Cancer screening is not included in a routine health checkup so it needs to be arranged as a separate session. There should be no fear in getting a screening, as not getting one could lead to more troubles and heartaches in the future.

For many women over 50, annual mammograms could be the difference between an early diagnosis and treatment or a post-retirement life full of pain and hardship. Breast cancer remains one of the biggest causes of death for women over 50. Other than mammograms, you should also get colon screenings to prevent colon disorders and colon cancer.

Your health certainly wanes after a particular age, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and accept that fact. Make your move today and keep yourself in the pink of health all the time.

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