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Manulife x MyKasih − “Love My School” Student Bursary Programme

Manulife x MyKasih A student from SK Bukit Tampoi purchasing food using a Bursary card

27 September 2019: Manulife Malaysia organises Meditation Workshop for Heart health


This year, Manulife Malaysia collaborates with MyKasih Foundation to sponsor 100 underprivileged students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Tampoi, Dengkil under the organisation’s “Love My School” Programme.

The student bursary programme aims to alleviate the financial burden of the respective families by providing for their food, books and stationery items. Our monetary contribution also enables the school to set up an aquaponics system that is self-sustaining and running on a symbiotic environment. It comes with an edible garden for students to plant and maintain throughout the year, and where teachers can also incorporate science lessons.

Established in 2009, MyKasih Foundation is a charity organisation that aims to help poor and needy Malaysians through food aid, education and training programmes. 


Aquaponics The school's aquaponics system