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Why ManuProtect is Suitable for Seniors

Elderly Mother and Daughter
As you get closer to retirement, it’s best to review some financial decisions as you prepare for a completely different life. If you feel this is the right time to get a life insurance policy to cover you for your post-retirement life, you are making the right choice. You must treat your post-working days as opportunities to carry out lifelong plans with an added peace of mind.

Here’s why we think you should consider term life insurance:

1. Cheap premiums

Straight away, ManuProtect addresses your biggest concern: the cost. ManuProtect offers an affordable death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage. This cheaper cost gives you more financial freedom while still keeping you covered.

2. Convenient and hassle-free

Solving the second largest gripe that most have with purchasing insurance, ManuProtect offers a streamlined experience to those getting it. It does not require any prior medical check-ups and can be completely done online.

3. Customisable coverage

ManuProtect offers a wide coverage range to suit a variety of budgets. The coverage amount options are between RM50,000 to RM600,000. You would also have the option to enhance your protection with the Critical Illness Rider which provides coverage should you be diagnosed with cancer or kidney failure, experience a heart attack or stroke, or undergo coronary artery bypass surgery.

4. Substantial coverage amounts

ManuProtect offers large coverage amount for death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). The plan offers up to RM600,000 coverage amount and will pay double that amount in the event of accidental death. In addition, the low premium makes it one of the best choices for anyone planning to get insurance coverage.

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