Manulife Health Saver Benefit  | Medical Card

Campaign Period: 15 July 2022 - 31 December 2022


Enjoy enhanced medical protection with the benefits of:

COVID-19 and future pandemics coverage 

Get rewarded with up to 40% No Claim Discount (NCD) 

NCD entitlement will remain intact if the claim is approved due to: 

(i) the diagnosis of Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure and Coronary Artery Surgery; or 

(ii) admission to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for continuous period of 7 days or more


Family Coverage Option

Cover your spouse and up to 5 children, all in one policy! 

Manulife Health Saver Benefit is a unit-deducting rider. This rider may be attached to selected Manulife’s regular premium investment-linked insurance plans. The basic investment-linked insurance plans attachable are subject to the Company's approval.

Terms and conditions apply.


Campaign Flyer

Product Brochure (English & Chinese)

Product Brochure (English & Bahasa Malaysia)

Manulife Health Saver Benefit

Medical Coverage with No Claim Discount (NCD)


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