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Manulife Care-For-You

Manulife Care-For-You is a comprehensive whole life medical plan that is designed to cover the cost of hospitalization and surgical... details

Manulife Cover-Me-Again

First-of-its-kind standalone critical illness plan which covers the same critical illness events... details

ManuCare Plus

ManuCare Plus, first of its kind medical plan with As Charged Room and Board by Manulife Malaysia... details

Total Wealth Synergy

Provides wealth-growth opportunities through savings and investment whilst providing insurance protection... details

Private Retirement Scheme(PRS)

Manulife is now an approved provider of the Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) by the Securities Commission... details

Manulife Saver

An ideal plan for you if you are looking to save for wealth accumulation, retirement or children's education... details

MaxShield Retirement

MaxShield Retirement is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that provides flexible retirement savings... details

Abolishment of Fund Switching Charge

We are pleased to announce that the Company has abolished the RM50.00 Fund Switching Charge... details

CI Early Advantage

CI Early Advantage is a regular premium non participating critical illness plan that provides coverage for 67 severity based events that ranges from early stage to advance stage of 36 critical illnesses... details

Manulife's new Customer Care number

Manulife's new Customer Care number is 1-300-13-2323... details

UT Investors Online

Great News! Unit holders of Manulife Unit Trusts Berhad can now go online to view account balances and transactions details via Manulife’s “UT Investors Online”... details

MaxShield and MaxShield Plus with IPB

New series of investment-linked insurance plans - MaxShield and MaxShield Plus with IPB... details

E-mail Address Update

If you are a Manulife policyowner and would like to be contacted through e-mail, please provide us with your e-mail address.

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