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Retirement Planning

ManuLink Retirement 

ManuLink Retirement is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that provides flexible retirement savings. It offers greater financial expectations to maximize your retirement savings besides providing you peace of mind with insurance protection. 
Key Features*:

  • Investment returns directly linked to performance of investment-linked funds, which are managed by professional fund managers
  • Flexible combination of eleven (11) investment-linked funds
  • Flexibility to adjust premium and Face Amount according to affordability and needs
  • Coverage against Death and Total & Permanent Disability. On claim, the higher of Face Amount or Account Value is payable
  • Loyalty Reward of 2% allocation will be payable on the fourth (4th), sixth(6th), eighth (8th), tenth (10th) and twelfth (12th) annual paid premium.
  • Insurance Charge discount for Face Amount of RM250,000 and above.
  • Minimum premium of RM100 per month, with option to increase your investment via top-up
  • A selection of optional riders to complement your coverage 

* subject to terms and conditions


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